Thursday, 9 June 2011

Marvel ladies dress war: (work in progress part 2)

Here is my finished design for my next glass comic tumbler:

I think we have all been there - you are in a shop,  looking at a pair of shoes perhaps or a last bottle of shampoo and jut before you reach for it - some rude, undeserving person smashes their way in, finding it instantly desirable, then takes it (just because you were looking at it or wanted it).

Later, after the outrage,  I console myself saying it would look better on me or that they were too fat for it and I feel much better.

ADVICE: If there's something in a shop you really like, pretend you're not bothered about it. If you feel hot lazer eyes on your 'would be item', turn away from it and look at something else instead. They should loose interest and leave (hopefully).

The design above was created by a collage & redesign of the below vintage comics and vintage items:
The design will be in my Etsy shop over the weekend.


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