Sunday, 13 February 2011

Beauty is only skin deep, on the face of it...

"Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world?
Oh yes you are!!!"

I have been thinking this week on what makes someone 'beautiful'. 
Studies say that when we recognize a face as "beautiful" we are actually making a judgement about the health and vitality of that person. We interpret facial symmetry to mean that a person has good genes. Facial Asymmetry on the other hand implies a genetic weakness and less than optimum health. These are be old ideas, but we are all judged on how we look now more than ever and I am intrigued into why faces that are cosmetically altered are now acceptable and viewed as normal.

What is beauty? and what are features that make some one attractive? What would happen if you took a number of classic beauty icons (Liz Taylor, Faye Dunaway, Grace Kelly, Monroe,  and layered their features into one? Would this be what we are looking for? Would this be the ultimate in beauty? Ironically No! But they give off a rather nice aura don't they?

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