Tuesday, 15 February 2011

There's a Goblin in my house!

Legends claim that every house has a resident goblin or gremlin.
One tradition claims that a goblin enters a household by announcing itself at night and strewing mud about the house, putting dirt in the fridge, moving things about and generally making a mess. If the human family keeps the dirt in the fridge the goblin takes up residence in the house and then brings them good luck. They also help find lost objects for the household.
In return, the family must leave a portion of their supper (or beer, cigarettes, wine or even champagne!) to the 'spirit' and must treat the goblin with respect... or just trick them & stick them in a jar, no one gets my supper, beer & wine, only me! Especially after a hard day at work and don't get me started on faeries! 

A goblin 

A  goblin I trapped myself.  Now in my shop of curiosities: anti-goblin-device-

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